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Flyball Fun In Fredericton

Posted by omgflyball on June 22, 2017 at 2:20 PM

It’s always an exciting time hosting, and the tournament this past weekend was no exception! We’d like to thank everyone involved for helping to make our home tournament a success – from our judges, our head table, our amazing volunteers, our generous sponsors – it would not have been possible without your help!

There were lots of great accomplishments this weekend from Region 10 – 15 dogs earned new titles, Shazaam (FnF) was awarded the Secret Weapon Award, Capri (CC) earned the Judge’s Choice award and Ammo (ML) received the first Higgs Memorial Award. We’d also like to congratulate Fast N FURious on their new club record!

The OMG! pack had another solid weekend and saw a number of highlights. Our super steady Toller, Maverick, celebrated his last runs before heading off to his hard earned retirement! We can’t thank Steve and Mav enough for everything they’ve given to the team over the years and are sure going to miss him out on the lanes. We saw Thrill’s return back to racing after being sidelined from an injury last season, and he helped our Slice & Dice team set our best time we’ve had in 2 years with a 16.295! We also saw 6 new titles:

FD (20 pts) – QL & Cocoa

FDX (100 pts) – Cocoa & Axle

FDCh-S (1000 pts) – Tuk

FGDCH (30,000 pts) – Slice

Here are the official racing results:


Slice & Dice (Spray, Slice, Flight, Ketchup, Thrill, Ryder) – 4th place Regular 1 – Best Time 16.295

Tuk & Roll (Zedd, Mira, Leah, Tuk, Fennec, Maverick) – 3rd place Open 1 – Best Time – 19.011

I Like Big Mutts (Pax, Flight, Adie, Izzy, Milo, Axle) – 1st place Open 2 – 19.207


Slice & Dice (Spray, Slice, Flight, Ketchup, Thrill, Ryder ) – 3rd place Regular 1 – Best Time 16.502

Tuk & Roll (Pax, Flight, Milo, Axle, Fennec, QL) – 2nd place Open 1 – Best Time – 18.428

I Like Big Mutts (Zedd, Mira, Leah, Adie, Tuk, Cocoa) – 1st place Open 2 – 19.055 

Next up, we head to beautiful Cornwall, PEI in a few weeks for a fun weekend of racing on the island!

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