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Flyball & Friends in Carleton County

Posted by omgflyball on September 11, 2017 at 3:05 PM

We had a great weekend of flyball in Florenceville-Bristol to round out the month of August! Thanks to Carole Anne and Carleton County Flyball for hosting a great tournament and their wonderful hospitality, including a delicious post-racing corn boil.

We unfortunately had to pull our Regular 1 team from competition for the weekend, but thanks to the help of Deborah and Nyx from Mass Chaos Flyball we were able to run as a performance team in that division. We also had a couple of other friends join us – Monica Johnny and Barrington Brownie joined us from Ontario and brought along Bindi, Yahtzee, Party and Bryte to race with with us as well! With their help, Tuk & Roll and I Like Big Mutts pulled off first place in both Open 1 & 2 on Saturday!

We debuted two of our young green dogs this weekend, with Luna earning her FD and Viv earning hers too while racing with her Mom Yahtzee! QL also received her FDX title, and Tuk his FDCh-G. Another great moment was Axle officially making his debut as a height dog, running his own height for the first time in Regular 2.

Here are the official tournament results:


Slice & Dice (Ryder, Flight, Slice, Thrill, Nyx, Spray) – No placement Regular 1, Best Time 16.526

Tuk & Roll (Mira, Pax, Axle, QL, Party, Bryte) – 1st place Open 1, Best Time 17.386

I Like Big Mutts (Milo, Spray, Tuk, Cocoa, Yahtzee, Bindi) – 1st place Open 2, Best Time 18.941


Slice & Dice (Ryder, Flight, Slice, Thrill, Nyx, Spray) – No placement Regular 1, Best Time 16.383

Axle’s Roses (Axle, Pax, Adie, Fennec, QL) – 3rd place Regular 2, Best Time 18.231

Tuk & Roll (Mira, Milo, Cocoa, Viv, Yahtzee, Bindi) – 3rd place Open 1, Best Time 17.090

I Like Big Mutts (Zedd, Spray, Tuk, Luna, Party, Bryte) – 3rd place Open 2, Best Time 20.058

Next up for us is the last tournament of the region 10 NAFA season in Cap Pele!


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