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Come Hell or High Water: A Flyball Story!

Posted by omgflyball on May 25, 2018 at 12:55 AM

We have a bit of a delayed recap of our latest tournament in Cap Pele, NB which kicked off the month of May! Thanks to FAME for the great hospitality and all the little extras they put into the weekend. Despite some of the challenges leading up to the tournament for our members impacted by flooding, we were able to get all of our team entries there (and back), and we had a lot of positives to take away from the weekend.

We welcomed a new flyball dog to our team, with feisty little Belinda debuting in her first tournament and earning her FD (20 pts), FDX (100 points) and FCDH (500 points) titles in her first weekend of racing! QL also captured her FDCH title, and green dogs Bella and Uber participated in their first tournament warm ups.

All of our teams saw some tight racing in their divisions. In Regular 1, Go Rogue (Luna, Axle, Ketchup, Nix & Thrill) had some ups and downs throughout the weekend but captured 2nd on both days. Open 1 saw Go Wild (Ryder, Flight, Slice, Spray & QL) place 1st on Saturday and 2nd on Sunday, and in Open 2 Go Big or Go Home (Belinda, Cocoa, Viv, Adie & Mira) placed 4th on Saturday and improved to 2nd on Sunday. We also had a combined OMG/PFT Vets team, Prepare to Go Nap (Milo & Tuk) which placed 2nd on Saturday on 3rd on Sunday.

We’d like to send our congratulations to PFT who set an impressive new region and club record, and to all our fellow competitors on their great successes as well. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone again in Debert, NS this coming weekend!

Categories: Tournament Results