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Flyball Classes

Is your dog tennis ball savvy?

Are they a bundle of energy?

Are you looking for a way to play and bond with your best friend while exercising their body and mind?

Would you love to improve your dog's confidence, recall, and focus on you, all while getting some much needed exercise?

Try Flyball!

Location: Basement of the Oromocto Mall

Cost: $180 for 8 weeks

Participating dogs should be at least 6 months old and healthy enough to jump over low barriers.

All breeds are welcome!


Level 1 - Beginner Flyball

Our beginner flyball class will introduce you to the basic rules and skills to play! We use positive training techniques while emphasizing on fun and safety. We will train you and your dog the fundamental skills needed to play. These skills include: ball retrieval, going over jumps and introduction to the box, again, with emphasis on positive reinforcement for your canine friend.

Level 2 - Advanced Flyball

Our advanced flyball class will push you and your dog even farther by introducing the biggest distraction of all: other dogs! You will learn to jump, recall, and retrieve side by side with other dogs. Passing will be introduced and box work will be stepped up; again, with emphasis on positive reinforcement for your canine friend

Level 3 - Flyball Fanatics

This third level of training is focused on people who want to enter the competitive flyball world. Exercises are focused on technique and mechanics as well as further proofing in head to head and passing situations, all while learning the rules of flyball and how to train a flyball dog!